About Us

Chris Freda is a man of few words.  Why?  He doesn't have time to think of anything to say because he is too busy building bikes inside his head.  When Chris sees a motorcycle part that triggers a thought in his head he doesn't stop until the whole build is a blueprint in his mind.  At any given time he usually has 2 or 3 complete build designs stored up there and he's already working on the next one.  Taking the blueprints one step further into an actual build keeps Chris busy at his shop Design Worx Customs.

Chris's preoccupation with motorcycles actually began as a kid racing BMX and later Motocross.  Working as an autobody tech he realized fabrication and bodywork came to him naturally.  Chris decided to customize a 1983 4WD Toyota, taking it down to the bare frame.  He rebuilt it with a small block Chevy with a 671 blower on it, tilt step side bed, tilt nose, shaved door handles and custom interior.

Looking for something to do other than an automobile, Chris decided to buy a Harley Davidson to customize.  He changed the stock wide glide front end to a 3" over Paughco springer, lowered the bike and installed new wheels.  Last he did some accent painted hand controls, D rings, pushrod tubes and parts of the frame to give it a one off look.  Friends raved about the job he did so he customized some of his buddy's bikes too.

With some free time on his hands again Chris felt it was time to give it a try and built a ground up custom chopper.  He started doing custom paint jobs on the side for a local bike shop to pay for the parts he needed.  His first creation turned out as an Old School Panhead chopper with a 96" Stroker motor and a 150 rear tire (big at the time!)  The build made such an impact on his life that once complete he had the panhead motor tattooed on his bicep.  Word had gotten around about his car work so he went back to restoring several cars including a '68 Camaro that he again took down to the bare frame and rebuilt.

Enjoying life restoring cars and riding on his own build would have been enough for most people but not for Chris.  He had been bitten by the bike bug and it was in his blood.  Although he had continued to paint bikes on the side for the local shop, he now starting hanging out and helping with customers bikes in the shop.

After a few years, Chris knew the passion was here to stay so he decided to open up his own custom shop.  His bikes have won several awards including Editor's Choice at an Easy Rider Show and Baddest Bagger Show and he receives high acclaim from other custom builders around the country for his workmanship.

One of his custom builds was more than just a build.  Chris had to make a dream come true for a customer.  A paraplegic customer wanted to ride a chopper.  Ride AND look cool.  Chris pulled it off creating a chopper trike on an Independent Lowlife frame with air suspension, a Goldammer front end also with air suspension and a 113" Patrick racing motor.  No detail or necessity was missed and the result is drop dead gorgeous.  The crowd around the trike everywhere it goes is enough to prove that.

Today, after over 15 years in business, Design Worx Customs has become a family affair.  His wife Lisa helps out up front talking to customers.  Their son Carson helps out with the Digital Media and their son Cole helps out in the fabrication department. 

Chris hopes to find some time to start making some parts of his own that are again, blueprinted in his mind and just waiting to be let out.  After what has already come out of there, one can only imagine what's next!